Music as Living: A Week of Music and Discussion

The foundation of this week long concert is erasing the line between music and everyday life. It is easy to think of listening to music as a temporary respite from routine existence, but what is often forgotten is how there are so many aspects of music that are related to the human experience. I will share one recording every day along with my thoughts about each piece. The music will be interspersed with opportunities for conversation where we can talk about music, share thoughts and impressions, and discuss the experiences, truths, and realities music creates.

I began building this concert with one of my favorite pieces, the Brahms B major trio. I have loved this piece since I was very young, but creating this concert has given me an opportunity to look at it in a new light. Brahms actually wrote a version of this piece when he was a very young man and then revised it in middle age into the version most played today. This concert attempts to explore truth, life, process, and change in music by beginning the week with the original version of the trio and ending with the revised version. I would love to talk with you all about this program and music generally throughout the week. If you wish to talk one on one, you are welcome reserve a short time every day, or one of the longer times. (Please click the "conversation sign-up" link below or contact me directly.) All the videos have been chosen from public youtube videos. Artists are credited beside each video link.  

Creating this concert has given me the opportunity to explore more deeply what music means to me. I am so excited to talk with all of you during this concert week and learn what music means to you.  

Please follow this link to schedule times to talk with me during the week. After you set up a time, I will send you a zoom link. There are no expectations for these conversations; they are simply an opportunity to further explore music together 

Feel free to share your impression with me and other audience members on the Facebook Event Page! 

If you would prefer to write to me privately, feel free to send me a message or reach me in the "Contact" page of my website.  

Music as Living: Videos

A video will be posted here every day from January 3rd through the end of the concert on January 9th. Click on the buttons to reach the videos for each day. 


Welcome to Music as Living!